While a gunshot victim continues to recover at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, police continue the search for the man suspected of opening fire on him at Stephenville City Park Saturday evening.

Police are searching for Fernando Esparza, 24, of Dublin. Esparza is accused of shooting Joel Espinoza, 25, of Gorman while he sat in a car with Martha Guerrero, 25, of Dublin.

Guerrero reportedly told police that Esparza, her former boyfriend, pulled up alongside the vehicle she and Espinoza were sitting in, walked to the trunk of his car where he unloaded a rifle and began firing into the passenger side window of Guerrero's car. Espinoza was struck four times and was transported by air to Fort Worth, where he remains in ICU.

Attempts to reach Espinoza's family for information on his condition have been unsuccessful.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to track Esparza, and believe he may have fled to Mexico. They have alerted border patrol stations and are asking the public for help in locating the suspect.

Esparza was last seen driving a 1996 Chrysler, two-door, white over gray in color with license plate X43LCT. 

Anyone with information about Esparza's whereabouts is urged to call the police department at 254-918-1200 or Crime Stoppers at 254-965-2274.

Esparza is believed to be armed, and is considered a threat to law enforcement officers as well as the public.