Sometimes uniforms can live unique lifestyles. 

About two weeks ago, this writer had a story in this newspaper about the Poston Feed Mill sponsoring a Little League baseball team in Stephenville in the mid-1950s. Printed on the front of the uniforms was the word, “Cubs.”

A few days after the story was published, District Judge Don Jones and I were talking after church. During the conversation, Judge Jones pointed out that the uniforms originally belonged to the Stephenville Funeral Home, which his late father, Ewell Jones, directed for many years.

When the funeral home decided to forgo sponsoring a Little League team in the mid-1950s, Poston Feed Mill inherited the uniforms.

Two or three days later after my conversation with Judge Jones, Joyce Whitis, who lives in the Huckabay area and who writes for this newspaper, called.

“Stuart, I can tell you a story about those Cubs uniforms the Poston Feed Mill team wore,” she said. “When T.C. Poston decided to discontinue sponsoring a team in the early 1960s, the uniforms were inherited by the Huckabay team.”

Thus the Cubs uniforms served at least three different teams in the Stephenville Little League.

If uniforms could talk, they might be able to reveal some interesting stories, especially about baseball. 

Dr. Chilton is a journalist/educator, who lives in Stephenville. He occasionally writes for this newspaper.