Erath County residents woke up early Tuesday morning to a thick covering of clouds, only to be greeted a short time later with plenty of sunshine and unusually warm fall temperatures.

The quick change followed a battering of Monday night storms that prompted tornado warnings across the area and dumped as much as five or more inches of rain in the northern part of the county.

Local weather watcher Dr. Stuart Chilton said the storms brought Stephenville about 1.32 inches of rain, a significantly less amount than other parts of Erath County received.

“Rainfall can vary so much,” Chilton said. “But this was the first measurable rain we have seen since October 6.”

The storms kept authorities busy as well.          

The wind and rain set off at least six false burglary alarms that kept Stephenville police officers busy. Police Chief Roy Halsell said the wind and rain set off the false alarms.

“Every time a thunderstorm rolls through, this happens,” Halsell said.

No serious accidents or damage were reported, but Sheriff Tommy Bryant said deputies were called to help one motorist in Lingleville stuck in high water. 

Residents might want to consider breaking out their jackets this weekend.

Fall-like temperatures are finally expected this weekend with highs only reaching the low 60s on Saturday.