Erath County voters shattered the record Tuesday by casting 6,073 votes in the Texas primary. The second highest voting day in a primary election came in 1998, when 3,721 local residents cast ballots.

Still, Tuesday’s number reflects only 31.02 percent of the 19,578 registered voters in Erath County. Of the 6,073 that participated in the primary, 3,331 were Republican and 2,742 were Democrat.

Erath County Clerk Gwinda Jones said there were no major problems Tuesday, saying that each voting location had an adequate number of voting machines that functioned properly throughout the day.

The only minor inconvenience voters experienced were lines at a few voting locations.

“Things got busy between 5 and 7 p.m. when people headed to the polls after work,” Jones said. “But even then things went smoothly — and they didn’t have to wait long.”

Voters turned out in high numbers to support various candidates running for local offices, but cast ballots in several other high profile races, including:

Democratic presidential nominee:

Barack Obama 971 35.70 percent

Hillary Clinton 1,696 62.35 percent

Republican presidential nominee:

Mike Huckabee 1,499 45.97 percent

John McCain 1,474 45.20 percent

Democratic nominee U.S. Representative District 31:

Brian Ruiz 1,782 100 percent

Republican nominee/incumbent U.S. Representative District 31:

John Carter 2,600 100 percent

Democratic nominee for House District 59:

Ernie Casbeer 1,096 56.41 percent

Republican nominee/incumbent for House District 59:

Sid Miller 2,608 100 percent

Democratic nominee Erath County Attorney:

Gale Warren 1,926 100 percent

Republican nominee Erath County Attorney:

Lisa Pence 1,655 55.67 percent