We have a school bond election on the Nov. 2 ballot. I do have mixed feelings about this bond. A few folks I've talked to that are in favor of it, say it is needed to give the kids a nicer environment to learn in. Some say the infrastructure is need of repair and so on. Most of those my age (67 years young) went to grade schools that were pretty worn out and most buildings were where our parents learned. In some schools there were two classes in one room, as did mine, yet we did well. If a new structure and new equipment is the only way for children to learn and to be smart, I do have a problem with this new bond. We all want the best for our children and the children do need a safe and clean place to learn, that's a fact.

But, the the economy is still in turmoil, sales taxes are down, house prices are in a slump and will get worse (property taxes will be affected), business in general is slow, and money is tight. My question is what is needed and what is wanted, those are two entirely different things. At this time I would say no more than necessary should be done. For now let's tighten our belt, keep them safe and secure and that's it. I ask but one thing of my fellow voters, have you read the list of things that are in this bond? And are they all needed? For me the answer is "no" for now.

C. Richard Bragg