The first month of summer shined on Erath County.

According to information obtained from the Office of State Comptroller Susan Combs,, the county and the cities of Stephenville and Dublin are seeing an increase in sales tax rebates this month. The sales tax allocations are derived from sales made at local retail outlets during the month of June.

Erath County's August allocation rang in at $154,751, which exceeds last month's allocation by about $29,803. And Combs also says that this month's allocation exceeds the August 2009 rebate by more than $3,000.

In Dublin, the increases experienced this month were very similar to the rebound realized by the county.

Rebates returned to Dublin this month exceeded last month's allocation by more than $11,600 with a net payment of about $34,924 being returned on June sales. And this month's rebate rings in at $6,560 over the August 2009 allocation.

A significant increase over last month's allocation was also delivered to Stephenville, but when compared to the same period last year, June sales suffered in the city.

Stephenville was delivered a $405,287 rebate this month, which exceeds last month's allocation by about $76,676. When compared to last year, however, the allocation falls short by $6,728.

During the first eight months of this year, January-August, Erath has been delivered allocations totaling $1,095,027. During the same eight-month period, the county collected $1,246,688 in 2009, making current year-to-date allocations 12.16 percent below last year.

Dublin has been delivered $211,183 in 2010, an increase of 2.15 percent over last year, and the positive gains make the city the only of the three taxing jurisdictions to rise above the red in year-to-date-payments.

In Stephenville, city coffers have received $2,863,296 in 2010, down 8.24 percent when compared to payments received January-August 2009.