Voters will be asked in November to decide on a $34 million bond proposal for our elementary school renovations.  It is imperative that we provide our children with a safe and secure learning environment.  To make sure that our campuses are safe all buildings will be under one roof.  Parking and bus lanes will be changed.  Office facilities will be expanded and placed so that there is only one entrance to the building.  Classrooms will be expanded to make additional space for future growth.  More space will be given to science and technology.  The newer parts of Central and Chamberlin will continue to be used by the district for educational purposes.

I am aware that the economic situation is not great at this time.  Construction costs are only going to increase.  School taxes have not been raised in the last four years. Seniors who have filed for homestead exemption will have no tax increase.

I feel that our children and grandchildren are worth a little tightening of our belts. I urge you to vote Oct. 18-29 or on Nov. 2. A YES vote is a vote for our children now as well as the future.

Ora Lee Leeth

School board member