June 2007 is now officially Stephenville’s wettest June on record.

As of Friday morning, rainfall for June 2007 had totaled 10.03 inches, easily eclipsing the wettest June in the record books - 8.68 inches in June 1895 - by 1.35 inches, said Richard Wolfe, research assistant at the Texas Agriculture Experiment Station.

That also is much more than the typical (30-year average) June rainfall of 3.58 inches, Wolfe said.

In addition, three days last week - the 2.39 inches of rain recorded on Monday, June 25, the 2.20 inches recorded on Tuesday, June 26, and the 1.02 inches recorded on Wednesday, June 27 - were also record setters for those days.

“It was record rainfalls for those days,” Wolfe said.

Even so, the wettest month on record remains November 1918, when 18.08 inches was recorded, Wolfe said.

Meanwhile, rainfall in six months had near surpassed typical rainfall for an entire year, as of Friday.

Wolfe said annual rainfall (based on the 30-year average) is about 30.51 inches, while rainfall for June 2007 as of Friday afternoon has already reached 30.34 inches. Average rainfall for the first six months of the year, Wolfe said, is 17.01 inches.

According to resident “weather watcher” Stuart Chilton, the wettest year on record in the Experiment Station records was noted in 1941 — 45.81 inches. The second highest year was in 2004 — 43.37 inches.

“We could be headed for a new record,” Chilton said.

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