Patients often have visual disturbances such as flashes of light in their vision, or floaters that obstruct vision.  Floaters in the eye are often seen a specs or wavy lines that move around in the vision.  They are usually grayish in color and remain fairly consistent.  Floaters can also appear as peppery looking spots throughout the vision.  Regardless of the appearance it is imperative to see your eye doctor immediately to insure that there is not a significant problem starting.

Floaters are located in the vitreous humor or gel part of the eye.  This gel takes up a significant amount of space in the eye.  Over time it breaks down and small floaters can form.  At times they can obstruct vision or make patients feel like there is a film over their vision.  Alone these do not pose a significant problem. Although many patients end up having little problem with floaters, there are some that require immediate attention. 

The difficult aspect of flashes and floaters is that it is hard for patients to realize if there is a significant problem or not based