Inclement weather early Tuesday morning left a number of residents without power.

According to Ken Harriss, area manager for ONCOR Electric Delivery, wind and rain led to a power outage Tuesday morning at the intersection of Double Horn Street and Sharp Drive.

When service workers arrived at the scene, it was readily apparent that trees or tree limbs were the cause of the problem.

An easy problem to repair was soon complicated by the location of the troubled line. “There were trees in the line,” Harriss said. “Due to the location, we could not get a truck in to make the repairs.”

Harriss said that a climber had to be called in to repair the problem.

“The trees had caused the lines to touch and a line fuse was blown,” Harriss explained. “A couple of spans of line had to be removed and replaced before the power could be restored. All of this had to be done by a climber, which made it a difficult job.”

The outage left a number of area residents without power for about six hours.

“We show that there were 12 customers without power,” Harriss said. “The power was out from 5:30 a.m. until 11:28 a.m.”

Harriss reported that complications did slow the repair process, but the climber and line crew worked as quickly as possible to get things working again.