To the editor,

A $58 billion profit? Are you kidding me? Thatís it! Iíve had it! I was sitting here this evening, and heard the news, which is truly an outrage. Exxon has reported a $58 billion profit over the course of this year so far! Criminy! Is anyone else upset about this?

So, yes, my friends, when we were being violated at the pump for the greater part of this year, guess who was raking it in? How many of us had to forego the family vacation this summer because of this issue? Well, Iíve had enough. Iím angry, Iím upset and hope many of you are awake to whatís going on!

Not that some of you really care, but Iím buying my gas in Granbury or Fort Worth until further notice. Heck, even the store in Bluff Dale was less earlier this past week! How do these people sleep at night knowing that the average family is struggling to fill their tanks so they can get to work each day?

Wanna know my vote? I vote to stop buying gas here until something changes! Yep, Iím calling for a boycott! Maybe if enough of us purchase elsewhere the distributor or whoever is in charge of gasoline rates will get the message. Many of us (at least several friends of mine) have noticed the higher gas prices here in Stephenville than in surrounding communities. I noticed it last weekend when we went over to TCU for Homecoming. I made sure to fill up at the Racetrac before we headed home. My husband came home the other day boasting that he purchased gas in Granbury on the way home for $2.08! When he came into Stephenville, he noticed that some places were as much as 50 cents a gallon more! Yesterday, I had yet another conversation with friends about the same subject and they found it for $2.06 a gallon.

Why do we continue to see and pay higher gasoline prices here than other places pay? There is no excuse in my book! This has to stop - now!

Rachel Ganther


P.S. - At the time of submission, Allsupís located on Hwy 281 had gasoline at $2.09 - itís a miracle!