Chris Gifford knows the importance of every vote.

In 2006, Gifford ran for a seat on the Everman City Council — and lost by one vote.

The memory of that still makes him laughs, but the experience has done nothing to discourage him from trying again. Late last week, Gifford filed to run for Place 4 of the Stephenville City Council, making it a three-man race.

“I enjoy being involved in my community,” Gifford said. “I’m one of those people who believe that you shouldn’t complain if you’re not willing to be part of the solution.”

Gifford was born and raised in Stephenville until he was 12, when his family moved to Abilene. Last year, he moved back, bringing his wife and son with him to join the family business. Gifford works in sales at Gifford TV & Electronics.

“It’s great to be back,” he said. “I love this area and plan on raising my family here.”

Gifford will face Russ McDanel and Don Zelman for the city seat. When asked why he chose to run for a spot where there were already two candidates, Gifford said he simply didn’t want to oppose the others.

“I know Scott Evans and Alan Nix and I think they would make fantastic council members. I didn’t want to run against either of them,” Gifford said. “I don’t know my opponents.”

Monday is the last day to file to run in the city election. Election Day is May 10.