Utter horror.

It pulsed through my veins and burned in the pit of my stomach as I read that Dena Schlosser, who sawed the arms off her 10-month-old daughter in 2004 is being released from a state hospital and will return to the “free world.”

The visions of Baby Margaret lying there bleeding to death as her mother listened to hymns, covered in her own baby’s blood, still haunt me.

Schlosser was found not guilty by reason of insanity, sentenced to time in a mental hospital, and will soon be released.

But there are conditions.

As long as she takes her meds (she is crazy, remember), including birth control (well, there’s a plus), sees a shrink weekly, and stays away from children - she can get on with her life, get a home and find a job.

There’s justice for ya.

According to doctors at Rusk State Hospital, she poses no threat to the public and no threat to herself.


This is the same system that investigated Schlosser months before her daughter’s murder - CPS said she posed no threat to her child.


Perhaps more disturbing is the fact that Schlosser understands human psychology, has studied the human mind. Any chance Miss Knife Wielding Maniac of a Mama studied up on how to get away with babycide before brutally murdering her own child? Any chance she knew how to con a CPS caseworker into believing little Margaret was in no danger? She knows all the right things to say, she has the answers.

Or, perhaps upon her release she is going to go on a murdering rampage in the name of God? God told her to chop off her baby’s arms.

Maybe more disturbingly interesting is the fact that this psycho shared a room with another murdering Texas mother, Andrea Yates. Yates drowned her five children in 2001, and was found guilty. On appeal she was later found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Oh really? Mothers who murder their children are crazy?

Why not GUILTY by reason of INSANITY? In both cases there was no doubt they murdered their children, they admitted their crimes, but they were found NOT GUILTY!

While there has to be a special place in hell for these women, there is no special place in the department of corrections.

Still, Yates remains institutionalized. Perhaps in her psychosis she is still a threat to children, herself and society.

Or perhaps Yates doesn’t have Schlosser’s educational background. Perhaps Yates was not able to play her hand the right way to get a release. Or maybe the crazed killer is just that - a life taking lunatic, a threat to herself, her family and society.

This especially enrages me when I see the justice others face.

I know a man, who, at 17 years old got, into a fight at school.

He finally kicked the crud out of a guy who had been bullying him for years, and left his attacker a bloody, broken mess. At trial, the pictures of the bully in a hospital bed horrified the jury. 

The kid who finally fought back was sentenced to five years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. The deadly weapon being his fists - his stepfather had finally enrolled the bullied boy in martial arts classes - he quickly elevated to the level of black belt.

Now, that boy is 33 years old and still in many ways imprisoned. He has a felony conviction on his record for defending himself, although he killed no one. Due to the stigma associated with his offense, he has no chance at a real future. He can’t get a good job and has problems when trying to rent a home. He has been in no trouble since. Justice prevails?

After all, he defended himself - he was not insane. He reasoned to beat the heck out of the guy who had been doing the same to him.

As I recently wrote about a heart-wrenching story of child abuse, it makes me wonder what will happen to two women allegedly responsible for brutalizing 20-month-old “Baby Dee” right here in Erath County.

Experts have called it the worst case of child abuse they have ever seen.

If found guilty, mother Jeannette Cuevas and Leticia Adame deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law for breaking this baby’s bones, starving the child, breaking her teeth, and brutally torturing her.

There were horrifying details I was unable to share with our readers, grim details the jury will likely hear, when, and if, these women go to trial. Details that made me physically ill as I sat at my desk reviewing the facts provided by the sheriff’s department.

I went home that night and held my four-year-old daughter and cried for “Baby Dee.” I wanted justice - quick, swift, unrelenting justice.

But, these women are likely insane. What sane person would brutalize, drown or saw the arms off of a child?

Slap on the wrist and send them out into the world tanked up on prescription meds.

They pose no threat to society, after all.

Amanda Kimble is a staff writer at the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 254-968-2379, ext. 238.