While area taxing jurisdictions saw an increase in tax allocation payments delivered this month, information obtained from the Office of State Comptroller Susan Combs shows Erath County and its two cities are struggling to meet 2009 rebates.

October allocations are reflective of purchases made at local retailers during the month of August, when area residents were gearing up for the start of the 2010-11 school year. And, despite the annual Tax Free Weekend, which invited consumers across the state to avoid sales tax on certain back-to-school purchases, the city of Stephenville still saw a rebate increase when compared to September. The city's most recent payment rang in at almost $337,000, which is up more than $22,000 over September. September rebates were reflective of purchases made during July.

Despite the increase, the city was returned far less than October 2009, when the net payment was more than $382,500, making this year's rebate more than $46,000 below the same time period last year.

In regards to year-to-date rebates, allocations delivered January - October of this year are down by 8.22 percent when compared to the same 10 months in 2009. Year-to-date, the city has collected a little more than $3,513,000.

The city of Dublin also saw an increase this month, but the increase was slight when compared to the September rebate. October's net payment returned to the Irish Capital of Texas was a little more than $22,300, which was up by about $113 over September.

Like Stephenville, however, Dublin's most recent rebate falls short when compared to October 2009. Dublin was returned a net payment of more than $24,300 last year, which is about $2,000 higher than this year.

Year-to-date payments (January-October) in Dublin are also ringing in at less than the same period in 2009, but the city's payments are only 4.09 percent below last year. This year the city has collected almost $255,700.

Erath County is also celebrating an increase this month when compared to September's payment. The most recent rebate rang in at almost $130,900, which up by more than $8,400 over last month.

But the next payment delivered in October 2009 was more than $14,000 over this month's payment.

Year-to-date the county is struggling more than the other two jurisdictions. Payments delivered from January - October 2010 are 11.28 percent below the more than $1,519,000 delivered in 2009, at a little more than $1,348,000.

While the gift-giving season is quickly approaching, sales made in the months of November and December will not be delivered to county and city coffers until 2011 since payments are reflective of purchases made two months prior. The taxing jurisdictions will have to rely on sales made in September and October to bring the year-to-date rebates closer to those seen last year.

For more information on local sales and uses taxes in the Lone Star State, log on to the comptrollers website, www.window.state.tx.us.