The McLellan brothers are upset.

Jacob, 9, Ethan, 5, and Caleb, 8, spent Saturday afternoon riding around on their red go-cart they had wanted for months. Caleb had even written Santa Claus a letter asking for one for him and his brothers.

On Sunday morning, the treasured go-cart was missing from their front yard. Tire tracks revealed that sometime Saturday night, someone drove into the yard and loaded up the brothers’ beloved set of wheels they spent hours playing with.

Tonia McLellan is a single mom who sometimes works two jobs just to pay rent for their trailer on CR 517, near Stephenville’s water tower.

“My money has to go for clothes for the boys and food for the table,” she said. “I don’t have any extra money, but when I got a tax refund, I took $700 and bought them a go-cart. I got it cheaper if it was not assembled so I put it together myself. They played on it every day. They wanted one for so long and enjoyed it so much. I just don’t see why anybody would steal a little kid’s toy.”

The boys’ father lives out of state and sends no child support. Tonia depends on her mother for help caring for the boys because she can’t afford a babysitter

This is the second theft of its kind since August. Authorities have been notified and are working on the case.