The idea of women shaking their tail feathers across a nearby stage is ruffling feathers in Erath County.

While little is known about a business taking shape in Proctor, a small town located in Comanche County near the Erath County line, locals are no doubt talking about the "Spring Break Club."

Fliers making their mark on automobiles, newspaper racks and other various fixtures across Erath and Comanche counties say the club is currently "accepting applications for female exotic dancers."

According to several DeLeon residents, they were first informed the new business was moving in when they left the DeLeon Rodeo on the weekend of Aug. 20. and found the fliers posted on nearly every vehicle in the parking lot. The postings invited ladies to call a Stephenville-based cell phone number to apply for a position at the club.

A call to the cell phone for comment was answered by a man who identified himself as "TJ,"who said he was not ready to speak with the media.

Comanche County Sheriff Jeff Lambert said he was also informed about the Spring Break Club following the rodeo, and is working with County Attorney Craig Willingham to determine if the operation is on the up and up. He said he has made a trip out to the proposed home of what he believes to be the county's first strip club, the former home of the Tejano Ballroom, located on US Highway 377.

Lambert also said he heard the club intends to operate as a BYOB (bring your own booze) establishment.

As far as the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is concerned, there is nothing barring the business from setting up shop.

According to Agent Paul Morgan with the TABC, BYOB establishments do not require a permit from the agency. But Morgan said the club will be required to abide by the same alcohol laws governing other public places. Morgan said individuals will not be able to legally drink at the club after 12:15 a.m. Monday-Saturday or after 2:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Morgan also said the club would not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages since state law says the TABC cannot permit sexually oriented businesses, and Comanche County businesses looking to sell alcohol for on-premises consumption must be permitted by the agency.

Lambert said there are no Comanche County laws prohibiting such businesses either.

And for some area parents, the signage already hanging outside the club is as unwelcomed as the club itself.

"I just wish the signs were censored a bit more because I had to explain to my 6-year-old why we don't go into the 'store,' which is a block from our home and where the lady (on the sign) is nakedů Not something I liked having to explain to my daughter," one mother posted on a facebook discussion on the topic. "Wherever you live, if a business like that is going up and children are anywhere near by, they should use some censorship. Men aren't stupid. They don't need to see a naked woman to know what the place is - 'Gentleman's Club' pretty much says it all, and would be easier to explain to my children."

And one elected official readily admits that he is not excited to see the business taking shape within his precinct.

"I would rather that the club was not in my precinct," Comanche County commissioner Sherman Sides said.