After months of fund raising and preparation, the Oxford House finally made it's journey through Stephenville streets Tuesday, in route to it's new home at the Stephenville Museum grounds.

"If we had a parade permit, we would be riding on the front porch!" laughed Stephenville Museum director Robin Ritchie as the historic home cruised past the post office.

To make way for the move and accommodate a safe delivery of the historic home, street crews were out in full force. Traffic signals were swiveled out of the street - and harm's way - while the crew charged with relocating the home assisted in carefully maneuvering underneath power and cable lines. Some were cleared with less than an inch to spare.

The first floor, which was recently dissected into two halves, landed on the museum grounds where it will be placed on a newly laid foundation and reassembled.

As the first piece of the home crossed the finish line onto the museum grounds, a spectacular noise erupted from museum staff, volunteers and construction crews cheering in celebration. Rick King, who drove the truck that transported the deconstructed home, honked the horn, announcing to the city that the Oxford House had arrived safely home.

The structure not only meet cheers from smiling faces, but also tears from a few of the individuals who have tenaciously worked on the Oxford House Preservation Project.

The second story of structure is expected to make the same journey in the next month, when the upper level will be hoisted into the air by cranes to complete the "Painted Lady" puzzle.