After finishing his time in quarantine, Brandy, a dog owned by Thomas Genova, is still being held at the Erath County Humane Society. Last Friday, Genova, a local homeless man, was issued a citation stating that he had 10 days until he had to appear in court and that his dog had been deemed "dangerous," after biting a customer in front of Wal-Mart SuperCenter.

"Brandy is through with the quarantine (a procedure to prevent the spread of rabies), but he is still being held here due to the ordinance restrictions," said Judy Halmark, director of the ECHS.

Though Genova has garnered a few supporters, the outreach isn't nearly as widespread as it was in January, when Brandy bit another woman outside of Whataburger.

"A lady came forward and paid the $100 quarantine fee, but she specifically said that she was paying the fine for the ECHS and not for the dog or Genova," said Halmark.

Community members have spotted Genova around town with a new puppy, but he is still asking for donations to "help save Brandy."

A hearing to determine Brandy's fate has yet to be scheduled.