Area residents are once again reporting strange lights in the sky above Erath County, and much like the reports that flooded in following a widespread sighting in January 2008, witnesses say the amber glowing orbs are like nothing they've seen before.

In the most recent unexplained sighting, a Hamilton County businessman was greeted by the lights as he left a meeting.

Jerry McAdams, publisher of the Hico News Review and Hico ISD school board member, said he was leaving a board meeting Monday with a fellow board member when they saw two amber lights, which were level with each other and seemed to hover in the sky.

"They (the lights) were low in the sky and disappeared in about five seconds," McAdams said. "Then two more appeared, closer together."

He said the lights disappeared several times and reappeared seconds later. Each time the lights were the same amber color, and appeared at different heights and varying distances apart. McAdams said the lights did not move when they were visible or blink. He also said the lights were not like those typically associated with aircraft.

"They were not red, green or white. They did not flash like on an airplane," he said. "There was no motion. Each time they appeared, they were further to the left. I would say they came and went in three cycles."

McAdams said he could not determine the distance of the lights from his Hamilton County vantage point, but said the lights were to the west, in the direction of Dublin, in the southwest portion of Erath County.

"I have never seen anything like that before," McAdams said. "But I do believe what I saw was like previous (reported) sightings."

Two Dublin area neighbors, who asked to remain anonymous, were in their homes when the men walked out and saw "all kinds of lights, all across the sky" Monday.

The men captured what they saw on a cell phone. The grainy recording offers a glimpse of an amber light that appears in the sky several times, and captures the excitement of the group.

One of the men said they first saw a single ball of light, "not like a flashlight or aircraft," which suddenly spawned several other lights.

"It was like the lights were coming off the first ball (of light) we saw," the man said. "And they kept coming, one after another, and moved in every direction."

The man said the lights were white and amber and the whole spectacle lasted a little more than a minute. He said no sound was associated with the sighting, until jets rushed toward the display.

He also said he is not ready to say he saw an alien aircraft, but does believe the unidentified lights were impressive.

"I don't know what it was, but whatever the lights were, they were truly awesome," he said.