After creating a large number of dolls for boys last year in honor of local resident Luke Nelson, Stephenville High School theatre students are donating more to Cook Children’s Medical Center in honor of Hartley Hearne.

Hearne is 18-months old and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia on Nov. 3, 2017.

“The theatre director in Graham (Sally Maxey) and I have been friends for years, she use to direct in Cleburne, her granddaughter (Hearne) has cancer and she’s going to Cook Children’s for treatment,” said SHS theatre director Mindy Pope. “She just loves dolls, so I messaged Sally and asked about donating our dolls this year in honor of Hartley and she said, ‘Oh my gosh that would be amazing.’”

The students are excited and have almost finished up a variety of cute dolls ranging from a mermaid to an elephant, alpaca and made-up creatures.

“This year we’re making a tag that we’re going to tie to our dolls and the tag has a QR code and the name of the character,” Pope said. “So you can scan the QR code and it’s going to take you to a page the students made that has a picture of the doll and tells you all about the doll. If they want to they can put a little bit about the artist and make it however they want.”

Some students are making multiple dolls depending on how fast they finish. Pope expects her students to have at least 50 dolls made.

“They had to design it, make a pattern out of paper and think about how they could construct it and they can do hand-stitching, use the sewing machine or a combination of both,” Pope said.

After last year’s donation in Nelson’s honor, the students were invited to tour Cook Children’s. The experience was unforgettable, Pope said.

“I have not contacted Cook’s yet to see if we might take another field trip, but we hope to,” she said. “If nothing else, we will ship them or deliver them but we hope to go again because that was absolutely amazing. Learning about what Cook’s has to offer was phenomenal.”