A family was displaced Friday, Jan. 12, after a fire consumed their home on County Rd. 255 in Stephenville.

The home belonged to the Canales family and Lidia — the homeowner, mother of five and employee at Outlaw Conversions — said she is thankful none of her family was harmed in the fire.

“My two small kids were there and their grandma was visiting,” Lidia said Monday in a telephone interview with the E-T. “They got out of the house, thankfully.”

The family lost everything and had no insurance. They are primarily in need of clothing.

“I think that will be the most important thing,” Lidia said. “I’m trying to get a house right now where we can start over, but right now someone paid for us to stay at a motel for three nights.”

According to Lidia, the fire was caused by an electrical problem. 

Lidia has three sons and two daughters and the family are members of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. 

Carlos is a freshman at Tarleton State University, Juan is a student at Stephenville High School, Gustavo is a student at Henderson Junior High, Lyanna is a student at Hook Elementary and Sophia is two years old. 

Sizes for clothing are: 36x34 pants, large shirts and size 13 shoes; extra large shirts and size 11 shoes; size 16 pants, medium shirts and nine and a half shoes; size 12 pants, large blouse and eight and a half shoes; and youth size two pants and shirt and a size six shoe. 

Stephenville ISD is also helping the Canales family get back on their feet.

“Each campus has sent staff information on the clothing sizes of the kids and are searching for clothes,” said SISD Superintendent Matt Underwood. “They are also doing a fund drive for Walmart gift certificates. Once we have more specific needs, the district also has a benevolence fund that can assist.”

Those who would like to donate clothes, household goods and/or money can contact Lidia at 254-434-3309 or her brother Diego at 254-459-1269. 

A Go Fund Me account has also been set up for the family and can be found by visiting www.gofundme.com/6jftv-fire-victims-on-cr-255.