The Stephenville City Council and city staff met in June to develop a strategic plan for the near future for the city. 

A plan that focuses on infrastructure, leisure activities and assets, finance, and economic development, PRIDE is designed to develop more effective service delivery to residents. 

In December, City Administrator Allen Barnes announced to employees that the city would address the plan and achieve its goals with excellence. 

Barnes told employees, “No one wakes up in the morning and says it’s going to be a mediocre day.  How many of you come to work and say I want my work to be mediocre?”  

When no one raised their hands Barnes began to explain the Stephenville PRIDE program.

PRIDE stands for personal responsibility for developing excellence. 

“In order for the city organization to achieve the goals that the council has set out for us, we must strive for excellence in everything we do. Who is responsible for doing your job excellently, you are, not your coworker but you. We want the residents of Stephenville to know we are working hard to make Stephenville a better place.”  

As part of the program Barnes plans to report their progress to city council at the monthly regular meeting. 

“Both the strategic plan and the drive for excellence will be the guiding force behind what we do in 2018,” he said. “There will be things we fail at, but if there is failure, it won’t be from a lack of effort.”

When the executive staff first heard of the program they were excited and looked forward to it.  Suggestions were made to create T-shirts for city employees to wear on the second Fridays of the month and to have banners on the square encouraging the pursuit of excellence.  “Employees seem to be excited about PRIDE, some even suggested that once we get it rolling, we should challenge other employers in town to join us in the quest for excellence.” Barnes said.  “Over the next few months I believe some challenges will go out to some of our local businesses.”