Henderson Junior High students are doing their part to spread holiday cheer and have purchased $3,000 worth of toys to give to local families.

“The overwhelming response this year was very touching. Our students are so giving and to see children at such a young age who are so willing to give back is heartwarming,” said HJH art teacher Misti Schulz.

Monday morning the students made a trip to Walmart to purchase the toys.

“It made me feel good to give to those who do not have the things I have,” said eighth grade student Matthew Chambers. “It made me realize that these kids just want something to open, no matter how simple it is.”

The students walked the toy aisles and picked out different gifts for boys and girls, like dolls and footballs.

“I enjoyed buying things for kids who do not have much,” said seventh grade student Elizabeth Avalos. “Some people do not have a way to buy things and now they will have a Christmas.”

There were 230 students who signed up for this special trip, which Schulz said is the largest number yet.

“I told our staff when we returned to remember; our worst day at HJH is some other schools’ best day,” Schulz said.

The toys will be delivered to Foster’s Home for Children on Thursday.

“Loving others and giving to those in need is the greatest gift we can pass on to our children, and I am thankful to live in a community where those values are taught and fostered at home and in school,” said HJH Principal Donna Ward. “I couldn’t be more proud of my students and their families.”