The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council has opened a new exhibit featuring the work of Shelby Culberson that will be on display through Dec. 30 at the Stephenville Senior Citizens Center.

According to CTFAC Executive Director Julie Crouch Smith, the exhibit is a “must see.” 

“This talented young lady’s exhibit is a love letter to the old farm trucks of Erath and Hood counties,” Crouch Smith said. “Her beautiful sewn canvases are a true work of art and the subject matter is the perfect match for a Stephenville show.”

Culberson has a bachelor of fine arts degree from Tarleton State University and during her time there she won many awards for her works of art. She is planning to pursue a master of fine arts degree.

“My work is inspired by memory and nostalgia. I create paintings based on subject matter that triggers memories from my childhood,” Culberson said in a statement. “And like a memory, these images focus on intimate details, but the cropped in compositions allow other details to remain elusive.”

Culberson said her subject matter represents old, abandoned vehicles she has come across in rural Texas.

“These now useless machines take me back to times my dad and I would drive dirt roads looking for old cars,” Culberson said. “He called it ‘pickin.’”

The way her canvases are sewn together is also a memory trigger for Culberson.

“The canvas is sewn together in a quilt pattern like Granny and I would piece together,” she said. “We would sit in her quilt studio and sew and forget the stresses of life and even the hours as they passed.”

Crouch Smith is excited for the exhibit saying, “I love Shelby’s work and can’t wait to see what she does next.”