Halloween is almost here and we want your little ghosts and goblins to be safe. Enjoy these tips aimed at keeping trick or treaters and motorists happy and healthy. 

Tips for parents and children:

Young children should always be accompanied by an adult. Older children going by themselves should have a route planned out that’s acceptable to parents. Agree on a specific time for children to come home. Make sure your children know to never enter a stranger’s house or vehicle. Travel in familiar and well-lit areas. Avoid masks that can obstruct vision. If it’s after dark place reflective material on costumes, wear glow sticks or place the reflective material on bags. Buy non-toxic Halloween makeup and test it in a small area on the skin first. Remove makeup before going to bed. Tell your children not to eat their candy before they arrive home (if they’ve gone trick-or-treating without parents). Don’t run across streets. Teach children how to contact 911 if they have an emergency or become lost. Visit homes that have a porch light on. Tips for motorists:

Slow down in residential neighborhoods. Popular trick-or-treating hours are from 5:30 - 9:30 p.m. Take extra time to watch for children near roadways. Enter and exit driveways and alleys carefully. Watch for children in dark clothing as the sun sets. Eliminate distractions inside the vehicle. Pumpkin carving and home safety tips:

Never allow small children to carve a pumpkin. Instead, have them use markers. Candlelit pumpkins should be placed on a sturdy surface away from flammable materials and not in a path where visitors may walk. Votive candles are the safest to use. Remove items from walkways or the porch that can be tripped over. Restrain pets so they don’t scare visitors by jumping on them. Information courtesy National Safety Council, the American Academy of Pediatrics and Safe Kids Worldwide.