An Erath County grand jury indicted a jail inmate who managed to escape in June and his alleged accomplice.

Joshua Allen Daniel, 29, was indicted for escaping from a correctional facility, a third degree felony. 

His girlfriend and mother of his children, Tiffany Cehand, 27, was indicted for the third degree felony offense of hindering apprehension.

Daniel escaped from the Erath County Jail on June 9 after scaling a wall and climbing through a chainlink fence in the recreation yard.

The pair was arrested separately just hours later in Tarrant County where Daniel was found hiding in a dog house in someone’s backyard. Cehand was taken into custody in a parking lot not far from where Daniel was found.   

Others indicted Wednesday include:

• Mario Campa for theft of metal

• Thomas Edward Davenport for possession of a substance 

• Mario Frausto for possession of a firearm by a felon

• David Garcia Jr. for possession of a substance (enhanced)

• Joey Lynn Perez for theft (with two prior convictions)

• Efren Isaac Phelps for tampering with or fabricating evidence and possession of a substance

• Nathan Leonel Salazar for theft of metal

• Adalberto Perez Santos for theft of metal (enhanced)

• Kirby Lee Still for tampering with or fabricating evidence

• James Woodcock for possession of a substance.