Residents in Erath, Brown and Comanche counties will have a chance to vote in November on whether to allow themselves to be annexed into the Ranger College District.

The measure will be placed on the Nov. 7 general election ballot following a successful petition drive. 

State law required the signatures of at least five percent of the total number of registered voters in each county to call for the election.  

“We feel great about this opportunity for all Erath County residents and the many more opportunities that Ranger College will provide,” Dr. Bill Campion, president of Ranger College, said Tuesday. 

According to a press release issued by Ranger, the number of verified signatures exceeded the number required by the state. 

In Erath County, 1,209 signatures were verified - 12% more than what was needed.

In Brown County, 1,532 signatures were verified - 31% more than needed - and in Comanche County there were 535 signatures - 24% more than needed.  

“After careful review of every submitted signature, there are well in excess of the number required in order to call the election in each county,” said Trey Trainor, former general counsel for the Texas Secretary of State.

If the measure is passed in November residents would pay a property tax rate of $.11 per $100 valuation in exchange for more services and decreased tuition. 

To put the tax rate in perspective, residents would pay $198 per year with a home valued at $180,000.

Tuition for residents would go from $93 per credit hour to $50 and tuition rates for dual enrollment high school students would go from $80 to $25 per credit hour.

A governing board would also be elected — much like any school board — to set policies and approve programs.