It was a big day for the Tarleton State University Police Department Wednesday, celebrating its 50th anniversary with a new facility unveiling, ribbon cutting and tour.

There was a great turnout for the celebration at the new station located at the corner of Harbin and Frey streets.

“Having a presence out here on this corner and the ability for our police department to interact with the city police and the sheriff’s office is enhanced by this location,” said Tarleton President Dr. Dominic Dottavio. “I want to know only say thank you to our police department for what they do, but emphasize the importance that they have as a vital member of this university and the Stephenville community. Day in and day out our university police officers are educators for our students, they’re counselors and mentors, they’re coaches, they're social workers, they do a lot of the things that many people don’t think about with the man behind the uniform or the woman with the gun on the hip. You are making an extraordinary difference in the lives of our students each and every day and we recognize that.”

This is the first time the Tarleton Police Department has had its own facility, previously sharing space at Davis Hall and Wisdom Gym.

“It’s got some really good functionality built into it that we didn’t have before and I’m very grateful to have that here,” said Tarleton Police Chief Matt Welch.

The new police headquarters was formerly a city of Stephenville fire station and has been modernized.

“There are well thought out details that enable our officers and our staff to be the best that they can be in serving our community,” said Tarleton’s Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Laura Boren.

Tours were given to those who attended the celebration, which revealed a pristine, organized space for each officer and staff member who work at the Tarleton Police Department.