On episode five of MasterChef, “Shell Shocked & Scrambled,” contestants had 60 minutes to cook with some of the finest shellfish in the world, which included soft shell crab, clams, green-lip muscles, Santa Barbara spot prawns, Pacific sea urchin and geoduck (pronounced “gooey duck”).

Newton cooked shrimp, muscles and the soft shell crab for a little three-course meal.

“The diablo shrimp I wanted to do as an appetizer. I wanted to do the muscles and I did those with a wine reduction sauce — a little shallots, tomatoes, garlic — and then I did the soft shell crab,” Newton told the E-T in a telephone interview. “I had a good platform. I had a remoulade sauce prepared for the soft shell crab, the diablo shrimp I had a nice spicy red sauce to go with that and then the muscles. It comes down to about two minutes and I plated and prepared it on a wood cutting board and then they told me I couldn’t serve it on that platter so I had to scramble it all onto one plate. It looked horrendous.”

Newton said he was mad, but laughs about it now.

While Newton was cooking MasterChef judge Aaron Sanchez walked over and asked him about his wife’s support in being on the show. Newton became emotional.

“For me to go on this show, my wife had to take over our ranch, take over our real estate business, she had to take over two households and rentals that we have, six kids and three grandkids and dealing with family, so to have a family and wife to just say, ‘Go, go live your life,’ it’s pretty selfless to let me do that,” Newton said. “It still makes me emotional now talking about it. I think it would make anyone emotional.”

In the next round the cooks had to make scrambled eggs — the Gordon Ramsey way.

“Gordon came out and showed us this egg dish and I was like, ‘I got this,’” Newton said. “When you have as many kids as we do and as much scrambled eggs, it’s hard to really screw that up — and I can make some scrambled eggs. It’s pretty decadent. It’s creme fraiche, which is basically a clotted cream — it’s like sour cream — I use it to cook in other things. You add that to it and it just makes it a really nice rich dish. The problem a lot of people had was they couldn’t get their eggs to really cook enough. So I felt pretty confident on that.”

All three judges came to taste the cook’s scrambled eggs.

“Delicious,” Ramsay said to Newton and he walked up to the balcony, safe from elimination.

Each week the show airs Newton has held viewing parties and then donates the proceeds to different organizations.

“We had a viewing party in Granbury (July 5) and we raised $428 for Hood County 4-H. We raised almost the same amount the week before for the Tarrant County Food Bank,” Newton said. “We’re going to have another viewing party this next week in Southlake. So we’re going to have a big one there, so each one of these events we’re trying to do for local charities.”

MasterChef did not air Wednesday, July 5, due to the Fourth of July holiday but will be back tonight at 7 p.m. on FOX.

“I can’t tell you what they’re doing but you’re going to see me get chewed out a little bit,” Newton said with a laugh. “So that’s a little teaser. You’re going to watch me get an earful and I’m okay with it, I’m a big boy.”