Most of the Stephenville Public Library’s Summer Reading Program events are annual, however, on Thursday a new program came to the library — Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax with Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

“Through acting out the story and then having a discussion afterwards, the group reinforced the importance of protecting our environment and helping endangered species to survive, benefiting them, the planet and us as well,” said children’s program coordinator Cathy Paulino.

Fossil Rim provides several outreach programs and The Lorax is a fun, interactive experience that follows the powerful message of sustainability.

“In this program, students have the opportunity to visit the Street of the Lifted Lorax and become a part of the story,” the Fossil Rim website states. “This interactive program connects the story of The Lorax to our own endangered species at Fossil Rim and is guaranteed to leave (kids) asking pertinent questions concerning the environment, sustainability and what they can do to help.”

Fossil Rim Program Coordinator Katie Hunholz led the story with two others playing the parts of the Onceler and The Lorax.

The children were able to be a part as well — acting as other characters — which included the Humming-Fish, the Brown Barbaloots and lumberjacks that chopped down the Truffula trees.

“If we don’t take care of the things around us, then we’re not going to be here,” Hunholz said to the kids.

The library still has space available for the Dino Dig, One World, One Sky with Big Bird at the TSU Planetarium, Horticulture with Tarleton and the SPL Time Machine visit to the 1960s.

To sign your children up for these events or for more information, call the library at 254-918-1203.