NEW YORK — New Media Investment Group Inc. has announced that its small and medium-sized business solutions provider, formerly known as Propel Business Services, has been rebranded as UpCurve. In addition, the digital marketing services of UpCurve, previously known as Propel Marketing, will be marketed under the ThriveHive name.

UpCurve provides local businesses with a full suite of products designed to help them realize their full potential and position themselves for growth. UpCurve’s products include marketing technology, business management solutions, IT/Infrastructure, voice and email communication offerings and small business financing. The suite of products UpCurve offers is expected to expand as well in the future.

“The market for technology and software related products for small businesses is large and fast- growing. We believe our local media assets, salesforce, and relationships give us a very strong position to deliver these products to local SMBs and capture a share of this rapidly growing business segment,” said New Media Chief Executive Officer, Michael E. Reed. “Propel is a name used by many brands across multiple industries and as our business has grown, it has occasionally caused confusion in the market place. We believe UpCurve will be a stronger, more unique brand identifier that better aligns with our goal of bringing quality products and services to our local business partners. In addition, it will also eliminate some of the market confusion we have seen.”

“We have selected UpCurve to reflect our commitment to business growth, inherent in the brand name. UpCurve is a distinctive brand that aligns our position in local markets around the country with our full suite of SMB products, which allows us to be a better local strategic partner to businesses, enabling them to grow and develop. Our goal is to deliver the right offerings to enable each client to reach their utmost potential,” said Peter Newton, CEO of UpCurve. “Since developing this business in late 2012, we have seen tremendous growth, with revenues building over 50% each year to $57.8 million for the LTM Q1 2017. We believe the upside to New Media from UpCurve is tremendous.”