A new Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council exhibit is coming to the Stephenville Senior Citizens Center July 10 through September and will display the beautiful impressionist works of Jo Ellen Miller.

Miller said she was interested in taking art lessons before she started school in Alexander.

“There was a lady and her daughter who came to the school once a week and gave art and piano lessons,” Miller said. “My mother wanted me to be a pianist, but I decided I wanted to paint. She made a deal with me and I took piano lessons for her and then she let me take art lessons. I stopped piano, but I’ve continued art.”

Miller has been a member of Opal Black’s art classes and has had her work featured at the CTFAC for Black’s exhibits the past several years.

“I paint, I don’t like to draw and I don’t like to sketch,” Miller said. “I use watercolor and oil and I’ve branched out a little, but that’s what I primarily use.”

Miller describes her work as impressionism, not realism — like the artist’s Claude Monet, Edgar Degas and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

“I like bright colors and do landscapes, flowers, figures and have even been known to paint tombstones,” Miller said. “Just whatever strikes my fancy.”

Some of Miller’s works will be up for sale at the exhibit.

“Some of them have sentimental value that I don’t want to sell,” she said. “And no, they’re not $350, more around $100 to $150 because I do this for fun.”

Miller said she will have around 25 pieces at the Senior Citizens Center.

“And man, if anyone likes (my work) enough to buy it then that’s great,” Miller said with a laugh. “Not for the money, but because someone liked it enough to buy it.”