A parade without candy, well, just never happens.

But with those sweet treats tossed by parade participants comes streets littered with candy wrappers.

That’s where the Fourth of July Parade Litter Prevention Brigade comes in.

Hennen and Kim Cummings along with help from city officials have devised a plan to keep those pesky wrappers and other trash off the streets during Tuesday’s Fourth of July parade

“The problem that we are addressing is candy wrappers that are left behind following the 4th of July parade on the main road through Stephenville,” Hennen posted on his Facebook page. “Candy is thrown from the parade floats, and the wrappers have been left behind in the past. The road is open as soon as the parade is over. There is no time or labor available for clean up on a hot major holiday.”

Here is the plan, according to Hennen:

One of the first cars in the parade will pass out personal litter bags with instructions that the bags will be picked up by one of the last cars in the parade. 

That car will collect the bags and try to recycle the plastic water bottles that are also passed out.

The new Stephenville Parks and Rec mascot will lead the crew passing out the bags. The city of Stephenville, HEB, Tractor Supply, and Wal-Mart have donated 10,000 bags. 

Hennen says the group needs help passing out and collecting the bags. 

“Not everyone will be able to walk the parade route twice. Walking one block and telling people what the bags are for would be welcomed help,” Hennen says. “You could ride in the trailer and keep those who are passing out litter bags supplied with bags and water. When you see us and feel inspired to join, hop out of your chair and be in the parade - wear red, white, and blue.”

Those interested in helping can meet near Splashville before 8:45 a.m. Tuesday.

“We will be one of the first entries leaving the south entrance to the City Park on Graham Street (closest to Hwy. 377),” Hennen said. “You will not be able to park at Splashville. We will be decorating the trailer at 8.”