You have probably driven by the old buildings hundreds of times, and likely never noticed them.

They are the old, rundown, shabby-looking ones located near the Stephenville Historical House Museum, and the man who owns them - former city councilman Boyd Waggoner - wants them gone. 

“I believe that many old buildings are worth saving, but these are not,” Waggoner said. “The Texas Historical Association has denied my application to have these particular buildings designated as historically significant, citing integrity concerns and the current condition of the buildings not being in a good enough state of repair to be considered.”

The issue of whether to demolish the buildings is one Waggoner doesn’t take lightly. He understands the importance of preserving Erath County’s history.

In fact, Waggoner previously owned the old First National Bank building on the square that was recently inducted into the National Registry of Historic Places. 

The old buildings Waggoner is considering tearing down sit on 2.2 acres of land that adjoin the Stephenville Historical House Museum on E. Washington Street.

“It’s an old two-story red brick building in bad condition and two old dilapidated buildings that were once motel rooms,” he said. “I don't like destroying old buildings, but it seems to me these are not worth rehabilitating, and I am considering leveling them.

“If anyone has any ideas about them I will be glad to listen before I make a final decision in the next few days.”

You can reach Waggoner by calling 254-485-1758 or emailing