Justin McClure of Texas Animal Protectors addressed Erath County commissioners Monday expressing concerns he has for the Erath County Humane Society.

Changes in trying to become a no kill shelter — different from a few years back when the shelter was euthanizing many animals — has created its own issues with adoption rates unable to keep up with how many animals are dropped off at the ECHS.

“The problem now is that they get to a point of being full and have to hang a sign that they can’t take any animals,” McClure said. “Another issue is that they don’t post the animals online because they’re severely understaffed. I don’t put any blame on the shelter. If anyone’s going to heaven, it’s Diane (McCoy, shelter executive director) because she puts her heart and soul into this and instead of giving the animals to another rescue organization, she’s worried about adopting them out herself so she can keep the lights on there.”

Another issue McClure addressed was the flooding at the humane society.

“Every time it rains the place floods and the animals are confined to pens that are sometimes sitting in water,” McClure said.

The county and city donates money annually to the shelter, but McClure said it isn’t enough and asked the commissioners if there was anything that can be done.

Judge Tab Thompson said the best thing would be to have the Erath County Humane Society board organize some fundraisers and adoption events.

“I know people like you (McClure) and your wife are very passionate about this and I think there’s a lot of money out there in organized fundraisers,” Thompson said.

Thompson also mentioned that the board has been improved after some issues came to light previously.

“I just felt compelled to talk today because we go home every day and feed around 28 dogs at our home,” McClure said. “We volunteer as much as we can, but (Diane) is really drowning out there with the funding.”

McClure said he will also attend the next Stephenville city council meeting to discuss any options and Thompson asked McClure to stop by any time he has a suggestion.

The E-T made a call to humane society board member Matt Harpole and asked if there are plans for any fundraising or adoption events in the near future.

“We’re having a meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday) to discuss some different directions to go in,” Harpole said.

The E-T will reach out to the ECHS after the meeting to see what decisions were made for the future of the shelter.