Bozo is a two-year-old male German Shepard lab mix up for adoption at the Erath County Humane Society and is quite an eye-catcher with his pretty eyes and light colored coat.

“He has been here since January and is very good-natured,” said ECHS Executive Director Diane McCoy. “He’s great with other dogs and very smart and obedient. He’s real eager to learn and people friendly. I’m not sure how he is with cats though.”

Bozo came in as a stray and has not been neutered. He’s kennel trained, but spends most of his days outdoors at the shelter.

“He’ll kind of talk to you too,” said ECHS volunteer Ricky Brenenan. “He’s vocal as in, he’ll kind of mumble to you; in a good way.”

For more information on Bozo or other animals of the ECHS call 254-965-3247, check out their Facebook page or visit during hours of operation.