In 1978 Cathy Keeney purchased a small Schefflera plant in Brownwood and now — after spending years at Bank of America — it has been donated, since the bank is closing, to the Chamberlin Elementary School library.

“(T.G.&Y) stores were somewhat similar to our Walmart and Target on a much smaller scale. They were often known as five and dime stores,” said Chamberlin librarian Lynne Hamilton. “Cathy later moved to Stephenville and went to work at Farmers First National Bank.”

Cathy named the plant Matilda and it's still going strong.

A Schefflera is a popular flowering house plant native to Taiwan and Hainan, and it’s common name is “dwarf umbrella tree.”

Matilda made her way around different area banks being cared for by Keeney and others until it landed at Bank of America where it remained until recently.

“The plant had many caregivers in its 40 years — Keeney, Janette Goodman, Connie Wooley, Katharine Demetruk and in recent years Charlene Ferrell and Grace Schouten, Bank of America employees,” Hamilton said. “As well as many others through the 40 years I’m sure.”

Hamilton said the kids will enjoy having Matilda in the library.

“I just know this plant is going to bring lots of joy to our students and visitors of Chamberlin,” she said. “The kids will just love her.”