Two months after an alleged hazing incident that hospitalized five Tarleton State University with alcohol poisoning, Stephenville police have concluded their investigation charging 24 people each with three counts of hazing.

“After we have completed our investigation and turned it into (County Attorney Lisa) Pence’s office, then through her review, she felt there was probable cause to issue warrants and so that was all presented before a judge, and all those arrest warrants were issued and signed by the judge,” Chief of Police Jason King said.

Twelve people have been arrested or turned themselves in, according to records released under the Texas Public Information Act: Mikeala Beck, Jasmine Drosdick, Daniel Gilmore, Zoe Goldberg, Sean Hargrove, Potsawat Khamhaeng, Amanda Kleifgen, Payton Madden, Joseph Sanchez, Jansen Savage, Blake Thompson and Omar Wyatt.

Those same records show that 12 others - Tate Alambar, Blake Battles, Adam Beckner, Kurt Clark, Paul Galloway, Jorge Lorta, Christopher Lowery, Victoria Mamach, Andy Monrreal, Dennis Snyder, Morgan Vise and Aaron Winterbauer - have not been located.

King said all 24 have been charged with hazing.

“I do know a couple were either located by us or stopped in another jurisdiction, but by far, most of the people have made arrangements in turning themselves in,” King said. “As far as detailed information, we are still not going to release that at this time because those are details that will be used for the court proceedings. I don’t think either one us [King or Pence] would be comfortable letting out all the intricate details that led up.

 “Just suffice to say, a detective and our criminal investigation division had a lot of information to sort through, a lot of people to talk to and they did that. They worked very diligently and very thoroughly, worked very closely with Ms. Pence and her staff and then what you’ve seen come out of that are these arrest warrants that have been issued and in the process we will move forward.”

King said eyewitness testimony, digital and physical evidence from the night of the incident led them to pinpoint the individuals.

After the court proceedings, King said details will be released.

“Most likely all of them at some point will have to appear in court,” Pence added.

King said hazing is a class B misdemeanor punishable with up to six months in jail and/or a $2,000 fine.

“We took this seriously