Stephenville High School FFA teams have had an impressive year with one team off to nationals in October and the others placing at their state competitions.

The floriculture team won at the State Career Development Event at Sam Houston State University and all four seniors will move on to compete in the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis in October.

Danielle Dunn won second place high individual, Faith Cox won third high individual, Katie Roberson tied for fourth high individual and Micah Rainey won ninth high individual at state.

“I think the reason why we succeeded so much as a team is because we get along so well,” Dunn said.

Floriculture is the cultivation of flowers and in a competition setting teams try to identify cut flowers and plants.

“Being on this team has allowed us to find our passion,” Roberson said. “Joining this team sophomore year I had no idea what I wanted to go to college for and now I know exactly what I want to do and it’s in the horticulture field.”

Dunn, Roberson and Cox have been teammates for three years and welcomed newcomer Micah Rainey to the team this year.

“I think having Micah on the team was extremely good for us. She pushed us,” Cox said. “Micah’s very ambitious and it really pushed us to meet her level of hard work and I think that’s what put us at an advantage.”

But Rainey gave the credit to her teammates.

“I’ve been doing FFA for five years and this team is amazing and it’s been such a great experience with them,” Rainey said.

For the national competition the team will be making flower arrangements, which is something they will learn over the summer.

The girls also thanked their coach, Michael Rainey.

“We definitely would not be where we are without him and I would not know what I want to do in the future without him turning us into plant-loving little nerds,” Dunn said with a laugh.

The high school FFA meats team — Holden Haile, Reese Wilson, Jake Bagby and Bryce Cline — won fourth at state.

“This was the highest team score we’ve been able to accumulate all year so it was a good day for them,” said coach Ryan Best.

Bryce Cline was also awarded fourth place high individual at state.

“I feel pretty good, it was a good contest but it was challenging as well,” Cline said. “We worked really hard as a team all year and bonded together quite well.”

Meats competitions require team members to identify 40 retail cuts out of 225 they’ve had to memorize along with questions and a written exam.

The SHS wildlife teams, 4-H division and FFA division, both placed at state as well.

The 4-H wildlife team — Brad Cogburn, Payton Kimple and Eric Carasco — won second at state with Cogburn receiving second high individual and Kimple receiving ninth high individual.

The FFA wildlife team — Micah Rainey, Alissa Davis, Shaelyn Rainey and Jake Henriksen — won fourth at state with Micah receiving fifth high individual and Shaelyn receiving ninth high individual.

The State Farm business management team — Jordan Carter, Caroly Leija, Riley McKinzie and Luke Weber — won sixth at state.