1. What do you believe is the biggest challenge facing Stephenville?  I feel that keeping our focus on our aging infrastructure, while avoiding getting sidetracked on costly, unnecessary projects is our single biggest challenge.  I believe that a city must focus on its primary core function of providing you, the citizen, with water, sewer, maintained streets, police and fire protection. Much of our current infrastructure is in need of significant upgrades.  Currently, there is a proposal to expand our sewer system to open up thousands of acres of potential development on the north side of town and at the airport. 

This project, called East Side Sewer, may not do enough to alleviate the issues with our current system.  Much of our city is currently serviced by old clay sewer pipes that are starting to fail. My house was one of these that experienced a failure, allowing city sewage to come into my home. 

I do not think that you, as a current Stephenville resident, should be experiencing this type of issue while your taxpayer dollars are spent opening up land for new development that may or may not develop.    

2. Do you support an events center/multi-purpose facility? Why or why not?  I am not opposed to a practical civic center that meets the needs of what is currently missing, especially if we could include something for the senior center.  However, at the end of the day, I am but one member of this community and my opinion on this matter should not weigh any more than my neighbor's. 

I fully support sending this to the voters and allowing you to decide if you want this badly enough for your taxes to rise.  At a recent city council meeting the dollar amount was floated of between 26 and 50 MILLION dollars with the possibility of splitting the cost between Tarleton, SISD and the county. 

The issue with that thinking is all parties involved are taxing entities with the city, county and SISD being direct and Tarleton indirect. No matter what a "core group" or "stakeholder group" proposes, the decision to spend this much money on this type of project should lie firmly in the hands of the true stakeholders, you the voter.     

3. What are your thoughts on the East Side Sewer Project?

Our sewer system has to be a priority as one of the city's basic primary services. Since the East Side Sewer project includes a proposal to expand our sewer system to open up thousands of acres of potential development on the north side of town and at the airport, I would like to help steer our public works department to focus on what we already have before we start opening up land that may or may not develop. At this time I would be in favor of moving forward with only the phases that will solve our current issues of capacity and potential failure.

4. How long have you lived in Stephenville and what clubs/organizations are you a part of? 

It's been a little over a decade since I chose to make Stephenville my permanent home.  I currently serve as a commissioner on planning and zoning. 

I have been active with Meals on Wheels, delivering meals for about 7 years and was recently appointed to their Board of Directors.  I am an active member of Timber Ridge Church, where I volunteer as a host.  As parents of 3 children, my wife and I are involved in numerous activities and teaching our children the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community.

5. Why should voters choose you instead of your opponent?

I will work to lower your property taxes, protect your money and stop wasteful spending.  My opponent had the opportunity to vote in the previous two years to lower your property tax rate and give back to you, but he chose not to lower your property tax rate while revenue and sales tax were increased over year-end budget projections.  

While visiting with numerous citizens, I have found the majority are concerned that the East Side Sewer will not address the main issue of rehabilitating the old clay pipes before we extend the lines to an area in hopes of being developed. I want to be a part of the solution to these and other challenges our city faces.  

As a conservative, I will humbly serve and work to empower citizens to raise our families, perform our jobs and enjoy life in Stephenville.  

I would be honored as you cast your vote for Nick Robinson in Place 1.