The Stephenville Historical House Museum’s annual Native and Heirloom Plant Fair took place Saturday on a beautiful spring day that drew hundreds of visitors from the moment the gates opened.

The fair is one of the museum’s most popular events, with vendors coming from the local and surrounding area to display and offer for sale native and adapted plants, herbs and vegetables, along with art, crafts and educational information.

The event really felt like a fair — with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere that gives people a chance to support local growers and craftspeople while enjoying a visit to the museum grounds.

This year, the recently-renovated Berry Cottage — the oldest house in Stephenville, which was badly fire-and-water damaged in 2015 — was once again open for tours.

Stephenville City Administrator Allen Barnes and his wife Brenda were there early and as Allen explained, “We’re both avid gardeners and this is just a great chance to pick up both culinary and medicinal plants that we couldn’t get anywhere else. We’re both very excited to be here. This is a great event for the people of Stephenville.”

Sherri Knight, president of the museum's board of directors, said, “We just opened up and there’s already a great crowd. This year we have 35 vendors and some of them have been coming here since this event started in the 90s.

“Besides the plants, there’s vintage glassware, yard art, handmade candles, birdhouses, children’s handprint pictures — you name it. There really is something for everyone at the Native and Heirloom Plant Fair.”