CJ’s Spurs-N-Thangs is a new western consignment shop that’s selling quality items for reasonable prices.

Owner Cammy Lawrence saw the shop as an opportunity to help people in the community buy high dollar items for a discounted price and to help those getting rid of nice items to get some money out of them.

Lawrence said, “I wanted to do something different and fun. We do consignments where people come in and get tack and saddles and furniture, clothing or whatever they need.”

This was the perfect location for her company since it’s on the same property of the other business she and her husband run, Lawrence Hay and Feed.

“I thought this would be a fun location, an awesome place to do business. We have Lawrence Hay and Feed right here. And so we are running two businesses right here,” Lawrence said. “It feels awesome and my accomplishments wouldn’t have happened if my parents weren’t here. I’ve been very blessed to have them here to help get it started. And my husband is a great support and we are having a great time.” 

Lawrence’s major goal is to offer tack, saddles and things that people don’t want to pay full price for.

What makes her business so helpful is that she is willing to drive to somebody’s house and pick up their items for them. Lawrence also plans to take in items every day of the week.

Lawrence said, “We offer a place where people don’t have to pay somebody to sell it for them. I have some older cliental that have a hard time doing that. My husband and I have offered to go to their home and get their items for them and bring them here and sell it for them.”

CJ’s Spurs-N-Thangs has only been open for a week but she says she’s looking forward to “Bigger better, more product, more outreach to Stephenville and all the towns surrounding. I know a lot of people keep telling me that they have to go to Weatherford to shop for nice tack at a discounted price and I wanted to offer that to Stephenville since we are the Cowboy Capital.”

Lawrence was born and raised in Colorado while her husband was raised in Florida. They decided to meet half way in Texas to originally sell hay. Together they have five kids, including their oldest Kyle Lawrence.

Lawrence said, “This is probably one of the best places I’ve ever lived, and with my parents being here, my dad’s like, ‘this is the friendliest town that I’ve ever been in.’ We feel blessed. We’ve met some awesome people when we moved here.” She added, “We just want to help people clean up or change, whatever they want to do and offer what we don’t have here."