Now is your chance to get a glimpse at the artists among us as Stephenville ISD hosts its annual Student Art Show in Bond Auditorium, across from the high school.

Elementary students (first-fourth grades) currently have their art on display until April 6, with the secondary art show (fifth-12th grades) along with an artist reception kicking off April 10. The big show will end on April 21.

SISD art teachers had plenty to say about this year’s show and it was apparent that they are proud of their students’ hard work.

“I love this show because it really displays everything we have been working towards all year long. It is a lot of preparation because I go through the artwork each student has created and select each students’ personal best,” said Central art teacher Landi Haynes. “But I love the process because I really get to see how far the students have progressed, and putting that progress on display makes it even more meaningful.”

Chamberlin Elementary students displayed colorful drawings of animals, flowers and portraits.

“Each piece represents various art elements that were covered in art class throughout the school year,” said Chamberlin art teacher Laura Priddy. “Students were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity and have a great, fun time. We have had a fabulous year of learning and creating.”

Hook Elementary students had a theme for their art projects, Once Upon a Time.

“Students created king or queen self portraits for the art show. The self portraits turned out so cute and you could really see all of the unique personalities coming through,” said Hook technology and art teacher Jamie Taylor. “They learned really quickly that drawing a human was challenging. They also created QR codes that are linked to their art folder in Google Drive. Parents can scan the QR codes and view all of the digital art they have created this year.”

A wide range of mediums were used for the show, including ceramics.

“Gilbert has been working really hard to have their art ready for the exhibit. The students are most excited about their ceramics projects, which are currently being fired,” said Gilbert art teacher Liz Meiron. “They have mastered a lot of really tough concepts and I can’t wait to see it all matted and on display at the exhibit.”

This year Henderson Junior High art teacher Misti Schulz has tried to teach her students to become independent artists.

“They have been pushed to use their own creativity and not rely so much on me or on reference material,” Schulz said. “This can be very hard for junior high students as some of them are still very dependent on creative direction. I think their work is a perfect reflection on their individualities and their own personalities.”

Stephenville High School’s art students will have a wide variety of projects on display, which will include drawings, paintings, some sculptures, ceramics and contest pieces.

“I bet I have 500 to 600 of the over 1,000 pieces we’ve created this year for the art show. We do a lot of art,” said SHS Visual Arts teacher Emily McLemore. “Every year I think I become a more focused teacher and so I’m able to teach them a little more depth. We have more quality stuff and our goal is that every year we want our new advanced kids to be better than the ones before.”