Stephenville’s Bank of America is closing June 27 as well as Mineral Well’s location on June 20.

Britney Sheehan, public relations manager, said the closures are due to changes to the industry; customers using mobile and online banking.

“After careful consideration, we have decided to close our Stephenville financial center and motor bank on June 27,” Sheehan said.

In an article published in the Mineral Wells Index, Sheehan said, "Quite frankly the decision to close the financial center [in Mineral Wells] has to do with how people are banking today.

“This decision is driven primarily by shifts taking place as our clients bank in new ways. Every day, more clients use their mobile phone or online banking to do basic transactions, and they come into our centers when they want advice and guidance for their more complex needs.”

Letters have been mailed to customers alerting them of the change. 

The closest Bank of America will now be located in Cleburne.

"Bank of America is redesigning more than 1,500 centers over the next few years and opening 200 new ones with a layout that will more effectively serve our clients," Sheehan said. "In some instances, as is the case with Stephenville, we are consolidating centers.”