Cristobal Tinajero is a junior flute player in the Stephenville High School Yellow Jacket Band and has a love of music.

“I love the way music can change the mood you’re feeling within a matter of seconds,” he said. “You’ll be listening to something and if it’s a good, happy song you’re immediately happy and if it’s a sad song it will trigger something in your brain to make you think of sad memories and I just love that.”

Tinajero started playing the flute in sixth grade.

“I always thought it was really interesting and stood out from all the other instruments, so I wanted to give it a try,” he said. “I practice quite a bit and have gotten better as time has gone on.”

Tinajero is a quartermaster and the crew chief for the winterguard.

The positions include organization and leadership responsibilities, which Tinajero enjoys along with just being a member of the band in general.

“Everybody in my section is really cool and I like the experience of being in band, going out and meeting new people, gaining skills of leadership and skills to work with other people,” he said.

Tinajero has a positive attitude and is happy with how competition season went this year.

“Even if we don’t get as far as we hoped to, the experience is always worth it,” he said. “Getting criticism on what you can get better at for next year and just having fun with all your friends is always an amazing experience.”

Tinajero wants to pursue science after high school.

“I think I want to go down the pharmacology route. I want to do something with chemistry,” he said. “I love science and just understanding the world around us; I thin it’s really cool.”