Sarah Ziegler is a busy senior at Stephenville High School, involved in varsity theatre, FCCLA and the editor-in-chief of the school’s newspaper, The iChampion Journal.

She will stick to theatre after high school to try and fulfill her dream of becoming a television actress.

Ziegler has a true passion for acting and said she’s been doing it since she was 10 years old.

“Theatre is just what I love. It’s like an escape when things get hard,” she said. “Now that I’m in varsity theatre it’s been fun to try out different fields like directing and I can see how it works.”

FCCLA and the newspaper are two other organizations Ziegler enjoys being a part of.

“I love that I can go out into the community and learn more about it and actually help by going out and volunteering,” she said. “Then the newspaper, oh it’s hard, but it’s really fun and I think it’s going to teach me a lot. I wanted to try the newspaper this year because it’s the first time in five years that we’ve had one.”

Before graduation Ziegler has set some goals for herself that don’t just include keeping her grades up.

“I really want to make a difference,” she said. “I want to leave knowing that I made a difference and I want to keep up my good work and help others.”

March 5 will be a big day for Ziegler when she auditions for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a two-year performing arts conservatory located in Los Angeles, California.

“I want to become an actress for television,” Ziegler said. “I just feel like television is where you can see someone who actually achieved their goals and I want people to look up to me the way I did with actors when I was growing up.”

Ziegler said she’s buckling down in preparation for her audition.

“I’m trying to expand my horizons with monologues. I usually just did princess things because when I was a child I wanted to become a princess,” she said with a laugh. “But now I really want to expand and pick a monologue that really speaks on my life. It’s something new and different and a little scary.”

Throughout her acting career in school, Ziegler said her mother has been a big supporter and inspiration.

“She’s always stood by me even when I didn’t get parts in something. She has always stood by me and told me it would be OK,” she said. “She put me in to acting school and paid the $2,000 for that, so she’s really amazing for doing that. And my grandmother is someone I’ve always looked up to. She passed away when I was three and I’ve just always wanted to fulfill the image she saw for me.”