The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council kicked off its newest exhibit Tuesday at the River North Gallery featuring the vibrant works of Ryan Dalgliesh.

“Back in April (2016) we were chosen to judge an art show in Palo Pinto County,” said CTFAC Executive Director Julie Crouch. “Ryan was one of the entries in the show, he’s from San Angelo, and his work is just amazing. His use of color is kind of unexpected but it’s beautiful.”

Dalgliesh paints primarily wildlife using colors from all ends of the spectrum.

“He definitely has a style that I don’t think we’ve ever had here at the arts council before and it’s really awesome to get something different than what you normally see,” said CTFAC Administrative Assistant Miller Wells.

Dalgliesh’s works range from a brightly colored crab entitled “Cake” to a huge painting of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and western art.

“You don’t have to be a western person to enjoy the way he plays with all the colors in his western pieces,” Wells said.

The exhibit features more than 40 large pieces done by Dalgliesh and each one is for sale.

“It’s a fresh approach to the things we see every day, like cows and horses, and I think it will be appealing to people in this area,” Crouch said. “So far everyone who has come in to see it is really excited.”

Dalgliesh's passion for art began when he was in the fourth grade.

"I used to watch my father draw and was fascinated by what he could do with a pencil. My dad, Dan Dalgliesh, was my first art teacher. I can still remember learning to draw an old rotten tree," Dalgliesh said. "Now I am strictly a painter and I prefer to work with acrylic but will occasionally use ink as well."

In 2015 Dalgliesh decided to take-on art full time and created 100 pieces that year to figure out which style he enjoyed most.

"November 2015 I found what I enjoy most. I am in love with color! The more color the better. Natural colors for a painting are boring to me," he said. "I want large brush strokes and bright colors and paint moving all over the canvas. Impressionism excites me. Loose paintings that take shape as you step back from them thrill me."

Dalgliesh is also thrilled to have his work on display at the CTFAC for his first solo show.

"I am very excited to have my first solo show at CTFAC. I'm also very nervous. I hope people will enjoy the work," he said. "I know how subjective art can be, but I also know how captivating it can be when you find a piece that delights you. That's what I want most; for every attendee to find a piece that delights them. I can't wait to come out Thursday for the Artist Reception and I would be thrilled to visit with any who come to see the work."

An artist reception for Dalgliesh will be held from 5-7 p.m. Thursday at the CTFAC’s River North Gallery.