From Gene Williams’s book, Hurrah for Morgan Mill, “one of the most significant assets to the well-being of the Morgan Mill community is the volunteer fire department. 

The department owns three well-maintained pumper trucks and several men in the community are available to operate the trucks.  In addition to having adequate fire-fighting equipment the department has several men and women who are trained in emergency response procedures and are equipped to respond to 911 calls. 

On January 25, 1969 the Morgan Mill Volunteer Fire Department held its initial organizational meeting.  The following people were elected officers for the fire department:  Robert Wood, President; J.J. (Jakie) Laughlin, Vice President; Ben Tidwell, Secretary; Eugene Adams, Treasurer; Floyd Dean Harmon, Fire Chief; Jack Knight, Assistant Fire Chief.  In April, 1969, the fire department purchased the Eldon Sewell Laundromat building from L. D. Piper and converted the building into a garage to house the fire truck that was bought later in 1969.

In March 1976 the volunteer fire department bought the Earl Stigler store building from Albert Yancy. In 1989, the original fire department garage was torn down and a metal and steel building was erected to house the three fire trucks.”  Gene’s book was written in 1997

Since that time, the volunteer fire department has purchased a total of five fire trucks.  In 2012, the building was enlarged by expanding out the back to accommodate an additional truck.  In 2012, there were 29 wild fires, 1 structure fire, 8 vehicle wrecks and two other calls involving animals. 

They started the year with $37,700.  In 2013, a new bathroom was added to the station and a new heat and air conditioning was added.  The end balance was $40,250.  In 2014, there were a total of 44 calls with 10 car wrecks. 

The balance at the end of the year was $62,000.  (They were saving for that new truck)  In 2014, there were 59 emergency calls with 20 motor vehicle accidents.  Now the ending balance was $92,000. 

Soon the fire department would be spending $55,000 for a “new” rescue truck.  In 2015, the calls are now 75 with 33 major accidents.  The ending balance for 2015 was $99,500. 

With those totals, it is now time to look at 2016.  There were 91 total calls with 46 motor vehicle accidents.  Most of their fund balance will go to pay for the new “Carl Smith” tanker tha will arrive this spring.  It is obvious to see the trend that the fire department is looking at in coming years. 

Every year the Volunteer Fire Fighters have an annual “thank you” chicken dinner for its members and contributors. 

To be a “member” of the fire department, one must express an interest and be voted on.  It is an honor and does not mean that you are going to fight fires, even though they need volunteers.  If you are interested the dinner starts at 6:30 on Thursday, Feb. 23.  No money or pies required.  The fundraiser is in November.