Hurrah for Morgan Mill!

Last week, your Morgan Mill School Board shared a covered dish supper furnished by the Morgan Mill teachers. Since all of the teachers received their contracts for another year, they were thanking the School Board members for their continued support. It is nice to be in a district that is not in debt and has money in the bank. This new budget will probably not be as large as last years, but cuts will be made in other places other than in its teachers. Your school board members are David Kincannon, President; Dean Minix, Vice President; Bettye Key, Secretary; Ken Stokes, Red Kinsey, Marlin Quarles, and Bob Newby. Remember your Morgan Mill School Board election is in November. Thanks to the teachers for all of their hard work.

It is Spring Break time in Morgan Mill. Fifth grader, Ashlee Babkowski is going to spending time with her Dad. She is also going to be selling fundraiser chocolate for the drill team and cheerleaders. Get your money ready. Eighth grader, Cassidy Cline is going to visit Grandma in Colorado City in Texas. Fourth grader, Jacee Halliday is going camping with the Morgan Mill campers to Fort Richardson. Later in the week, she and her family are traveling to Colorado so she can learn trick horse riding. Eighth grader, Marissa Jimenez is going to help mom and stepdad paint their new home in Hamilton. Alex Spence, eighth grader, is looking forward to staying in Morgan Mill and hanging out with her friends from church. Kristen Michael, eighth grader, tried out for Stephenville High School cheerleader last week and should know by today if she made it. Good luck. She is also going to Sea World. High Schooler Matt Minix is spending his Spring Break in Spain with his school group. Some of the teachers had their plans for their “off days”. Sandra Pierce is visiting her grand babies in Indianapolis. Barbara Irick is working in her yard. Dean Edwards has a fence that he plans to build. Shirley Couch is going to be planting her garden. Come by later for lettuce, kale, potatoes, and cauliflower. Spring Break is a special time for Morgan Mill families to visit and have visitors.

Senior Citizens will be meeting Thursday, March 17 at 6:30. The speaker will be Julie Crouch from Stephenville Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council. Ask your neighbors to come with you and bring your favorite pot luck dish. Morgan Mill is always having good food and good conversation.

Morgan Mill students will be traveling to Strawn to participate in a track meet on Monday, March 21. The district track meet is March 31 in Gordon.