Tyler Isham, 18, is a busy senior at Stephenville High School.

The son of Shay and Holli Isham said studying for school and homework keeps him busy enough. But then he adds on varsity football, basketball and golf all while maintaining a high enough grade point average to be in the National Honor Society.

Isham said he plans on attending Texas State University in San Marcos to study pre-med before heading off to medical school, though he isn't sure where just yet.

When he manages free time, Isham said he enjoys hunting and fishing with his friends and hanging out with his family. He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer a few of the E-T's questions as this week's A-List Student.

1. Who would you say is your craziest classmate? 

BJ Walker is probably the craziest because he's hilarious. He isn't just the class clown. He is really smart when he wants to be, when it's something he likes, but then he goes right back to being crazy.

2. Who is your biggest influence? 

I'd have to say all four of my grandparents because they've really set the standard for how our family functions and what family means to me. They've set a high standard for the way I want to be as an adult.

3. What's your best memory of Stephenville High School?

My best memory is going to have to be winning state (in football). Those guys, and the guys on this year's team, they're my brothers and those seasons won't be something I forget. Ever.